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Health Based Medicine is based on the concept that there are two kinds of medicines.

Health Based Medicines are based on the concepts of improving health,healthiness, and healing. The simplest examples of Health Based Medicines are vitamins.  When you are deficient in a specific nutrient or vitamin, you can develop an illness. When you address the deficiency, you improve your healthiness to the point that the illness disappears.

Health Based Medicines also includes health based restrictions.  If you are ill because of ingestion of a toxin – a health based medicine approach is to stop consuming the toxin.

There are many other types of Health Based Medicine, and I expect it will take some time to discover and begin to explore its different aspects.  That is one of the main missions of this site.

Illness based medicines are based on attacking illness and the causes of illness. If you have a bacterial infection, and you take an antibiotic to kill the bacteria, you are using an illness based medicine.  Medicines that only tackle symptoms are also ‘illness based’, not health based medicines.

If you are suffering from a nutrient deficiency, an illness based medicine will not address the deficiency.  It might make you feel better, while your health gets worse.  If you are suffering from a toxin, the result will be similar.  You might feel ‘better’, while you consume more of the toxin – and your health continues to deteriorate.

Medicines that attack symptoms allow chronic illness to grow worse. These medicines can be effective when used for a short term, while your health has time to recover.  A pain relief medicine is an excellent medicine when you suffer a gunshot wound or break a bone. But their use over the long term can lead to poorer health.

About Health Based Medicine.com

This site is about Health Based Medicines, a new concept in our understanding of health. It is based on the concept of “Healthicine: the arts and sciences of health and healthiness” at Healthicine.org, our sister site.

Note: Health Based Medicines does not distinguish between conventional medicines, alternative medicines, natural medicines, patent medicines, Chinese medicines – or any other school of medicine.  Each of the schools or commonly known ‘types’ of medicine uses both health based medicines and illness based medicines depending on the illness and depending on what medicines are known.  I believe we should always search for health based medicines.

Health is poorly studied and poorly understood, because we generally focus our energies on illness, not healthiness. As a result the concepts explored by HealthBasedMedicine.com are evolving and will change over time.

Is your Medicine Health Based, or Illness Based?

The next time you take a medicine, think about these questions:

– is this medicine health based, or illness based?
– if it is illness based, are there health based alternatives?
– which is likely to be more effective in the short term?  the long term?

to your health, tracy


Health Based Medicine vs Evidence Based Medicine vs SBM? vs PBM? vs DBM? vs HBM?

Today, we have Evidence Based Medicine, Science Based Medicine, Data Based Medicine, Instinct Based Medicine, Patient Based Medicine, Experience Based Medicine, Functional Medicine, disease based medicine, hospital based medicine, pseudo-evidence based medicine, and a jokes: Seven Alternatives to Evidence Based Medicine, Crap Based Medicine?  What’s going on?

What should medicine be based on? Health. We need:

Health Based Medicine.  

The leading candidate today is EBM, so called Evidence Based Medicine. ” is defined as “the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients.” (Wiki). Wiki goes on to say “Trisha Greenhalgh and Anna Donald define it more specifically as “the use of mathematical estimates of the risk of benefit and harm, derived from high-quality research on population samples, to inform clinical decision-making in the diagnosis”.

The rub, simply, is to be found in the reasons Evidence Based Medicine exist. Medicines are dangerous. Standard medical technique is to ‘fight’ the illness.  To war against the disease. We need EBM to reduce risk and harm for the patient, because medicines create risk, and harm patients.

According to BMJ “Evidence based medicine is the conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients.” If it is, we are only half way to success.

Science Based Medicine is the ‘new kid on the block’. Science Based Medicine vs Evidence Based Medicine says “Science-based medicine (SBM) is not a replacement for the more familiar concept of evidence-based medicine (EBM). Instead, it emphasizes some neglected aspects of EBM. This article explains the differences and the need for the distinction.”

What are those ‘neglected aspects of EMB’ that are provided by SBM? Frankly, the above post does not give a single difference worth quoting.  It simply rants with phrases like “That’s insane!”, “quasi-scientific obfuscation”, and “the quack leapfrogs”, but provides no actual answers.  It is interesting that proponents of SBM claim EBM is a ‘subset’ of SBM, while also suggesting that SBM ignores evidence that is attended to by EBM. SBM sounds like PBM (Propaganda Based Medicine) to me.

Both EBM and SBM ignore anecdotal evidence.   Anecdotal evidence is one of the monsters of modern medicine. Specific cases of illness that were cured.  In many cases, specific instances of illnesses – that are judged to be incurable – were cured. Anecdotal examples abound. Even more confounding to EBM and SBM proponents, in many anecdotal cases no ‘medicines’ were used – no prescription medicine, no Evidence Based medicines, no Science Based Medicines. How can this happen? Do EBM and SBM study these cases? Nope.

Is it possible to ‘cure’ a disease, without a medicine?  Of course it is.  It happens every day. It’s just not acknowledged by EBM, SBM, or any other current “based medicine”.  If you are suffering from dehydration, the cure is not ‘medicine’, it is water.  If you are suffering from scurvy, the cure is not ‘medicine’, it is nutrition. If you are suffering from malnutrition, the cure is food, not medicine.  There are many,many types of malnutrition, more than we know.

If you are suffering from unhealthiness, the cure is to improve your health. No medicine is needed.  No medicine will help. The only solution will be found in Health Based Medicine, which often does not use ‘medicines’ – improving healthiness instead.

How many illnesses are better served by Health Based Medicine than EBM or SBM? We don’t know.  Obviously, dehydration and scurvy are best treated with health – medicines don’t work.

How many other illnesses are best treated by health? Make a list. Make a list of illnesses that are ‘incurable’ today.  It’s a long list.  It’s also a ‘growing list’.

The list starts with some of the oldest illnesses, arthritis. Why is arthritis incurable? Because, in many cases – especially in cases of slowly progressing arthritis – arthritis is not an illness, it is an unhealthiness. The progression, the gradual worsening of arthritis, continues because the unhealthiness continues. Arthritis has actually been compared to ‘rust’.The Orthopedic Institute, for example, says “One such form of chronic injury is arthritis, which might be thought of as a “rusting” of the knee joint.” If your car is rusting, can you cure it with ‘medicine’? Of course not.  That’s why modern medicine claims arthritis is ‘incurable’. EBM, SBM agree to search for the best painkillers.

What do you need to cure arthritis? Health. Health does not require medicines, medicines fight illness.

How many other illnesses are best served by health? Make a list of ‘chronic illnesses’. Why are chronic illnesses “chronic”? Why do chronic illnesses progress slowly, but inexorably? Because chronic illnesses are actually chronic unhealthinesses. If the illness is progressing, the progression has a cause. In many cases, the cause is not illness, it is unhealthiness. It is likely that ALL chronic illnesses are better served by health improvements, by Health Based Medicine, than by ‘medicines’.

What about non-chronic illnesses? Can we treat all illnesses with health, instead of medicines?  Should we try to treat all illnesses with health, instead of medicine?

No.  There is a fundamental difference between medicines and health. Health is slow, honest, and true. Improving health is NOT useful in emergencies. In emergency situations, medicines are required.

But in non-emergency situations, Health Based Medicine can provide more, better, “health”.

Evidence Based Medicine, Science Based Medicine, Hospital Based Medicine, Patient Based Medicine, Disease Based Medicine all ignore health. They are very successful tools in critical situations, where patients are very ill, and in need of medicine. But they fail when the patient needs health.

We need Health Based Medicine.  We need a health based theory of healthicine, more than we need an evidence based theory of medicine.